Responsive Web Design

When thinking about getting a redesign for your website or having a brand new site created, have you thought about the way it will look across all devices? Responsive web design tends to be overlooked by businesses when planning a new site. With new technology comes new screen sizes and greater probability that your website may not appear as you want it to across the board. Whether your viewer is using the newest high resolution retina display iPad or an old phone, you want your website to display clearly so your brand message can be perceived appropriately.

Unify Your Website's Experience on All Platforms

Responsive web design is the idea of designing and developing a website with flexible layouts that adapt to each user's device. Websites with responsive design will adapt and display on any device or screen size, making for an enjoyable experience for your viewers.

With responsive design, you pay for one build and get a custom website that not only looks great on desktops, but also net books, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. A responsive design is also prepared for the next big piece of technology that comes out, no matter what its screen resolution is.

Responsive designs for your website allow you to not have to create a custom site for each and every device out there. Devices may be in landscape while others are in portrait and some could even be just completely square. With most smart phones, you are also able to change your screen from being portrait to landscape at the flip of the device. One design is not able to handle all of that, unless it is a responsive design.

Why choose Think IT Loud for Responsive Web Design

A responsive design site consists of a combination of flexible grids and layouts, along with images and strategically created CSS media queries. Think IT Loud has a team of experienced responsive web designers that know the best ways to create your website to display beautifully on screens of every size.

Our team stays current with all the responsive design best practices, and is constantly reading and learning about new ways to achieve the perfect kind of design for responsive and mobile sites. Our experience and knowledge helps keep our responsive web design cost low, since you won't need to pay for any research, experimentation, or trial development. We can create amazing responsive sites right away, with no "trial and error" required.

How Much Does a Responsive Website Design Cost?

Here are Think IT Loud's current responsive design costs.

Convert an existing website to a responsive website
New, fully responsive website with fresh design
New, fully responsive website with fresh design and CMS
Fully responsive Wordpress ecommerce website

Creating a responsive design for a website is often not as simple as changing the way it looks. Sometimes additional changes to the site's CMS, or content management system, have to be made as well.

Additionally, the cost will vary based on the level of design needed, the amount of graphical elements on the site, and the way the site's menus or links are structured. So it's difficult to provide a flat responsive web design cost, because it will be different for everyone.

A responsive design typically costs about as much as a new website design. This can seem like a lot up front. However, in the long run, because you don't have to redesign or change you website for each new screen resolution or device, you will save time and money. Why wouldn't you want to automatically be able to optimize your website for any new device that comes out so you won't have to worry about in the future?

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