Social Media Design

Your customers are meeting each other, sharing ideas, and talking about your brand online. Give them a great first impression. With social media design from Think IT Loud you can take the look and feel of your website to every social part of the web. As a leading social media advertising agency, Think IT Loud offers:

  • Custom social media design plans for companies looking to enhance their presence on Facebook, Twitter, instagram ,google + and many more.
  • Professional, yet clever, social media design services with attention-to-detail that meets your social media profile needs.
  • Custom social media profiles, pages, and applications consistent with your website and brand standards.

Social Media Design Service Pricing

Think IT Loud knows the importance of a well-designed Facebook Page, Twitter profile, Google+ header, and more. Whether you need an attractive and fully integrated icon to represent yourself on a social media site, our talented social media designers can put together something professional and eye-catching — all while ensuring your brand standards are met.

See the table below for our social media design pricing.
Facebook best practices implementation
Facebook page content additions
Facebook landing page
Facebook "Like" optimization
Initial Facebook seeding - 25+ Likes  
Population - 1st 10 Facebook posts written  
Custom Twitter background    
Population - 1st 10 tweets written    
Initial Twitter seeding - 25+ Followers    

What Social Media Design Services Are Offered?

Think IT Loud currently offers the following social media design options for those purchasing one of the three plans in the table above.


Some companies' tweets get more views than their websites. And more and more people are looking to Twitter to find companies to partner with, follow, or purchase from

If your Twitter background doesn't match your website branding, people can lose the connection when they go from one to the other.

For every custom Twitter graphic, we follow these rules:

  • Color scheme that matches the company's website
  • Flashy, catchy background image or pattern
  • Occasional information section on left side of background or within header (if using the new layout)

It's also a good idea to have a Twitter page on your website to direct visitors to your Twitter profile. You have more control that way. So for example, instead of sending people to, make a page on your site that's named

You can add other relevant information about your company on that page too, much more so than a Twitter profile.


Facebook users like to get in touch with companies through Facebook. By creating an attractive Facebook page with a custom header image, icon, and other graphical elements (like custom images in tabs or applications), you're sure to make a great first impression.

So what's the best way to reach Facebook's millions of users? Translate the information on your website into Facebook form. This means:

  • Creating a Facebook profile for your business.
  • Encouraging your existing fans and followers to join you on Facebook.
  • Providing timely, relevant content.

Your Facebook profile should be updated very frequently. Every time you have an event, hire an employee, win an award, or land a big contract, you should put that on Facebook. It keeps your followers engaged and interested, and also keeps your company in the forefront of their minds.

Looking for Custom Social Media Page or Profile Design?

Think IT Loud is always open to new ideas and custom requests! Simply contact one of our social media experts about our other social design options and pricing. We'll be happy to work up a custom quote for you.